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What To Expect With A Premature Baby

The ideal time to give birth is when your baby has reached full term or a minimum of 39 weeks. Unfortunately, though, you may deliver earlier than that. Your baby is considered premature if he or she is born anytime before you’ve reached your 37th week of pregnancy. If your baby is premature, you should be prepared […]

Top Signs That You Are In Need Of Hearing Aids

Instead of accidentally overlooking possible hearing problems that will require medical intervention, you might want to check out the following signs that you may need a hearing aid. This way, you will be able to recognize the problem and schedule your appointment with a hearing specialist as soon as possible. It Sounds Like People Do […]

5 Wheelchair Stair Lift Safety Tips

A wheelchair lift is one of the simplest ways to easily move someone between floors in their home. These lifts come in a variety of styles, from those that move both the wheelchair and the user, to those that have an integrated chair that only transports the user. The following tips can ensure that your […]

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Wheelchair Accessible

Whether it is temporary or permanent, getting around in a wheelchair can make your life a little more challenging. One way to make things easier for yourself is to make the necessary modifications to your home. If you make your house more wheelchair friendly, you can move around a lot easier. Here are five effective […]

The Types Of Tonometry

Usually, your ophthalmologist will be far more worried about high eye pressure than low eye pressure. However, both eye conditions can cause serious problems for your vision. Ocular tonometry is the best way to determine if you have an eye pressure problem, so have your healthcare professional check your eyes regularly. Hypotony Regular eye pressure […]

Design Considerations For Indoor Playgrounds

When you are creating an indoor playground, you are investing in equipment that allows children to move their bodies and get out extra energy during any season, including the dead of winter. This is incredibly important in making sure that children have an outlet and are able to concentrate better in school. However, designing an […]