Tips For Getting Your Commercial Driver Medical Certificate

Are you attempting to get a commercial driver's license or will you be driving some type of commercial vehicle on a regular basis? You may be required under federal law to get an all-clear on your physical and mental health. MCSA-5876 DOT medical certificates have certain criteria that must be met and maintained if you want to obtain and hold onto a CDL. If this is your first time trying to obtain such a certificate, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be Open and Honest

The medical examiner you will be talking to is trained to look for any omissions or missing information in your medical history. If you try to hide some kind of condition and the examiner finds out about it, this is going to hurt or ruin your chances of getting approved. Be upfront about any conditions or health problems you know you have. You may be able to address these problems in some way that will still allow you to get your certificate or approval, but lying about your problems is just going to hurt you in the long run.

Bring Documentation

If you take any prescription medication, bring a copy of the prescription. If you have any other medical conditions that are applicable to getting your CDL, bring medical documentation for that as well. If you tell the examiner you have a condition but don't have the right documentation to back it up or prove that you can still do the job anyway, this is likely going to delay the process of getting your certificate or approval.

Body Preparation

You will be going through a battery of tests during this medical examination. Make sure you arrive fully prepared for what's ahead. That might mean getting a full night's sleep and being well hydrated and fed to ensure a good energy level. If you do have a medical condition that's applicable, don't forget to take your medication prior to your appointment.

Don't Forget Your Contacts or Glasses

This type of medical examination will include a vision test. That should be no surprise as the parties involved want to make sure you can see the road clearly if you are going to be driving a commercial vehicle. To that end, make sure you arrive wearing your corrective lenses if you have them.

Address Any Issues

If the examiner finds a potential issue, you may be able to get the issue addressed or treated by a medical professional and then return to the examiner with the right documentation. In other words, don't despair if you don't get your certificate on the first try.

Contact a professional to learn more about MCSA-5876 DOT medical certificates