Where To Find Discount Dental Supplies And When To Buy Them

You already know you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss. You know oral hygiene is a big deal. You know where to find oral hygiene products in most stores. What you may not know is that these products are sold elsewhere at deep discounts. While you may know that you can find a good discount, do you know where, or more to the point, when to buy them? Let's take a closer look at discount dental supplies, where to buy them, and when.

Electric Toothbrush Heads and Club Stores

Electric toothbrushes are not really that cheap at club stores—they just make it seem like a deal when they package two together. What is a deal are the replacement heads, which are often sold four or eight to a pack for the cost of one of the toothbrushes. It makes taking the guesswork out of shopping and replacing these heads really simple, since a four pack of heads lasts you an entire year (maybe longer if your dentist says you can replace the heads every six months instead of every three or four). The daily club price on the heads is good all year long.

Electric Toothbrushes and Discount Retail Stores

Some discount retail stores sell the best and most highly-recommended electric toothbrushes (e.g., Sonicare) at fifty to sixty percent off during Black Friday. Since this toothbrush manufacturer has now created numerous colored, rechargeable handles for the brushes, everyone in the family can get their own color and nobody uses someone else's brush. You will have to wait until Black Friday rolls around again, but this sale seems to be a staple in the store's ad every year.

Dollar Store Dental Floss

Regardless of the type, brand, and flavor of dental floss, most people forget that they can buy it from a dollar store. Walk into any dollar store and you are sure to find your brand and flavor of dental floss for a buck or two, as opposed to the three to six dollars other stores charge for the same dental product. Since the dollar stores buy most of their goods at a deep discount already, they can still turn a profit all year long by selling the products to consumers for a dollar or two. Most dentists would also argue that it does not really matter what kind, brand, or flavor of floss you use, so long as you are actually flossing regularly.

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