5 Ways To Make Your Home More Wheelchair Accessible

Whether it is temporary or permanent, getting around in a wheelchair can make your life a little more challenging. One way to make things easier for yourself is to make the necessary modifications to your home. If you make your house more wheelchair friendly, you can move around a lot easier. Here are five effective ways to make your home more wheelchair accessible:

1. Install a Stairway Lift

If you are in a wheelchair, the idea of going up stairs can seem quite scary. However, if you install a stairway lift on all the stairs in your house, you can get up and down the stairs with ease. It will feel great not having to rely on anyone else to help you get up the stairs.

2. Widen Your Doorways

Getting around the house will be more difficult if your doorways are very narrow. Most wheelchairs will not be able to get through these doorways. That is why it is a good idea to widen these doorways. For example, you could remove the frames or even take the doors off.

3. Do Not Forget the Bathroom

Another room that will require modification is the bathroom. Because the moisture can make the bathroom extra slippery, you should install rubber mats on the flooring and anti-slip strips in the bathtub. Putting a chair and grab bars in the bathtub will also prevent you from slipping and falling when you take a bath.

4. Get Rid of Thick Carpeting and Rugs

Thick carpeting and rugs might make your home look nicer, but they can make it a lot more difficult to get around in a wheelchair. As you are navigating through the house, your wheelchair can easily get stuck on a carpet or rugs. It is best to install laminate or hardwood flooring instead.

5. Lower Countertops in the Kitchen

If the countertops in your kitchen are too high, it will be next to impossible for you to prepare meals by yourself. Apartment Therapy recommends lowering the counter tops to 31 to 34 inches. This way, you can grab knives, forks and other kitchen utensils without asking someone to help you.

Getting around your home in your new wheelchair may pose some challenges sometimes, but it does not have to be an unbearable experience. If you follow these helpful tips, you can navigate through your house a lot easier. The necessary modifications will help you feel more independent and self-confident.