Design Considerations For Indoor Playgrounds

When you are creating an indoor playground, you are investing in equipment that allows children to move their bodies and get out extra energy during any season, including the dead of winter. This is incredibly important in making sure that children have an outlet and are able to concentrate better in school. However, designing an indoor playground can be more difficult than you might originally assume. Here are some design considerations that you need to make when creating an indoor playground.

1. Places for Parents

You might have this great idea for an elaborate indoor playground that is essentially as close to each wall as it can get without risking a child coming down a slide and hitting his or her head on the wall. However, you need to make the space attractive to parents as well in order to make sure that the parents choose to take your child to the playground. In order to make the space attractive to parents, you are going to need to put in areas where they can sit and talk to each other. Make sure that you plan to install benches and picnic tables to give parents some space to rest.

2. Sound Dampeners

Many indoor playground equipment suppliers will also sell sound dampening mats that will allow children to be loud without making the noise overwhelming. Since you are indoors, the sound cannot simply dissipate. This is a problem because the sound level could rise past a safe level for children's ears and possibly do damage if enough children are using the equipment. To reduce the chances that this happens, install the sound dampening mats underneath your playground equipment. Also consider installing sound dampeners on the wall.

An added bonus to taking this step is that you significantly reduce the risk that you will annoy your neighbors by making too much noise for them to concentrate.

3. Make Space For Parents to Interact With Children Without Them Having to Crawl

Many indoor playgrounds utilize tubing to give children a way to go from one playground set to another. You want to make some of these tubes see-through in order to allow the parents of the children to keep an eye on them and interact with them while waving. You don't want to require that the parents get on their hands and knees in order to see their children because this will reduce the likelihood that they will come back. Crawling becomes painful as people get older.

For more information, talk to your indoor playground equipment supplier.